Teen Girls Christmas Wish List 2018

It’s that time of year again where we all wonder what to gift our loved ones for Christmas. This year I’m going to give you a hand and make shopping for your tween & teen girls a little easier!
Being the mum of a teenage girl I’ve frequently got teens in & out, sleeping over, the works! So I decided to put them to good use & ask each what they were hoping for for Christmas this year. Leah & her friends are all different in terms of personality & their likes so they’ve given me a nice variety of things.
Teen Christmas 2018, Photo Party London, Superdry, Superdrug, Jimmy Choo Perfume, Uggs, Calendar, Spectrum Collection, Bare Minerals, Cath Kidston, Nike, Victoria Secret Pink, Garmin, Matalan, Glossy Box, Bare Minerals
To make your shopping even easier here are the links to each item;
1. Victoria Secret Pink Leggings
2. Matalan LED Light Up Letters
3. Garmin Forerunner 30 – Turquiose
4. James Charles X Morphe Make Up Palette
5. HP Sprocket
6. AJ Pritchard Calendar
7. Ugg Boots
8. Jimmy Choo Perfume
9. I Heart Revolution Chocolate Make Up Palette
10. Bare Minerals Starter Make Up Kit
11. Glossy Box Subscription
12. Personalised Calendar
13. Spectrum Collection Make Up Brushes
14. Black Superdry Hoodie
15. Nike Tracksuit Bottoms
16. Cath Kidston Purse
Please note none of these are affiliate links just links to the cheapest I found of each item, although you’re more than welcome to shout about me sending you & hopefully I’ll get an affiliate link for next time 😉 lol!!!
There is just one other thing thats not on the list that actually surprised me as I’m sure they’ve been some of Leah’s best gifts & that is tickets to a concert or a musical/play. Day out gifts are great & we actually only gave out day out gifts to our families the other year & they went down a storm!
If your teen has asked for something not listed, feel free to share as we could all use a hand in the gift buying department!
Until next time gorgeous glitter-bombs!
Sparkles & Hugs

Master L | Monster Cake Smash Bromley

Master L here had a delayed start to his monster cake smash due to being unwell. We rearranged & he came in a little shy at first but otherwise full of beans!
It took a little while to warm up & get used to being in the studio, his best friend helped him 😉

cake smash bromley, monster cake smash, first birthday, cake smash, tiers and teacups, ashleigh shea photography, london, kent
If your little one has a little buddy or blankie that helps them to feel comfortable bring it along to their shoot & I guarantee it will help them in no time!

I mean just look at that smile!

ashleigh shea photography, monsters, monster cake smash, cake smash bromley, London, kent, first birthday celebrations
L’s mum chose a monster theme for his cake smash & I couldn’t have been happier!! I hadn’t created a monster set so was excited to get started. I’m so pleased I chose the smiley kind as I don’t think any other type would have suited this little guys character!

Cake Smash, Monster Cake Smash, Tiers and Teacups, cake smash bromley, ashleigh shea photography, kent, london
monster, cake smash, ashleigh shea photography, kent, london, monster cake smash, first birthday
After a timid start & introducing himself to the cake Mr L got stuck in & had a great time, although he preferred to keep running at me as opposed to really eating his cake…

toddler, cake smash, tiers and teacups, monster cake smash, cake smash bromley, london, kent, ashleigh shea photography
bow tie, cake smash, first birthday, ashleigh shea photography, monster, kent, london, monster cake smash
Ready for my close up!

close up, little cutie, cake smash, ashleigh shea photography, Monster, cake smash, monster cake smash, bromley, kent, London
cake, ashleigh shea photography, cake smash bromley, kent, london, monster cake smash, bow tie, toddler
Monster cake smashing is fun!!

eat and run, cake smash, ashleigh shea photography, monster cake, tiers and teacups, monster cake smash, toddler, bromley, kent, london
Who needs a big monster cake when I can eat these crumbs?!

Monster Cake, tiers and teacups, cake smash bromley, kent, london, ashleigh shea photography, monster cake smash
cake, ashleigh shea photography, bromley, london, monster cake smash, first birthday
Bath time in the studio can be a little daunting but so long as mummy is close by splashing too its the best fun ever!

Cake Smash, tub time, bath, monster cake smash, mum and son, splash, first birthday, ashleigh shea photography
smash and splash, tub time, cake smash, monster cake smash, bromley, ashleigh shea photography, kent, london, toddler, first birthday
cake smash, splash and smash, bubbles, monster, ashleigh shea photography, monster cake smash,
first birthday, birthday celebrations, monster cake smash, bromley, ashleigh shea photography, kent, london,
Eating bubbles was so much fun!! You guys might want to pop down for your own monster cake smash 😉

Until next time lovelies

Chocolate Making | Truly Chocolicious

Last week Freya and I went to a chocolate making workshop at Truly Chocolicious.
I had originally booked it for Leah and Freya but Leah decided that she didn’t want to do it so I took part instead. We had so much fun, admittedly Leah would have been the oldest there so may not have enjoyed it as much. She would however have enjoyed the activities, so hopefully soon there’ll be a workshop for teenagers.

Gymnast, Day Out, Mummy and Daughter Day, Sidcup, Chocolate Making, Ashleigh Shea Photography
We started with washing our hands and Freya getting her apron from Gemma, the owner.

Apron, Chocolate Making, Sidcup, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Kids Summer Activity
The workshop started with us filling our chocolate moulds. There was milk and white chocolate in squeezy bottles, we used these to fill our moulds. Gemma showed Freya and myself how to make a simple circle pattern.

Chocolate Making, White Chocolate, Square Mould, Truly Chocolicious, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Sidcup
We then continued to fill our squares with our own patterns. Once filled we added in some of the sweets that were supplied and our chocolate went into the fridge to chill.

Make your own chocolate, Chocolate Making, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Ashleigh Shea Photography
Summer fun, mum and daughter day, chocolate making, sidcup, truly chocolicious, ashleigh shea photography
The children had a juice break and washed their hands if needed. Next we made giant chocolate fab lollies. Gemma handed out trays covered with baking paper with a lolly outline and a large lolly stick. She demonstrated what we had to do to start our lolly. We were to follow the lines using a good amount of chocolate so that it wouldn’t snap when lifted once dried.

Chocolate Fab Lolly, Sprinkles, Fizzy Strips, Chocolate Making, Sidcup, Ashleigh Shea Photography
We done our outlines then filled in each section with the chocolate of our choice. Freya done white chocolate at the bottom and added fizzy strips. Her middle layer was milk chocolate with sprinkles, for her top layer she alternated the chocolate making a stripe pattern.

Chocolate Fab Lolly, Sprinkles, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Kids Workshop
The final chocolate making activity was making our own chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries. Gemma provided each of us with a plate and dipping fork plus sprinkles.

Strawberries, Marshmallows, Chocolate Dipping, Fork, Pink Plate, Rainbow Mat, Sidcup, Truly Chocolicious
Freya chose to just dip her marshmallows and strawberries in milk chocolate.

Fun day, summer chocolate making workshop, marshmallow dipping, strawberry, Ashleigh Shea Photography
Marshmallow dipping, Strawberries, Milk Chocolate, Sprinkles, Dipping Chocolate, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Sidcup
Chocolate Covered Marshmallow, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Melted Chocolate, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Truly Chocolicious, Chocolate Making
Once mine were dipped I drizzled a little white chocolate over them.

Chocolate Strawberries, Chocolate Marshmallows, Pink Plate, Chocolate Workshop,
Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Marshmallows, Sidcup, Chocolate Making
These too were placed in the fridge, whilst waiting the kids played a chocolate game.
We decorated bags for the treats to go into. We were given clear bags for our chocolate squares and a sticker to seal it.

Handmade Chocolate, Its Me Freya Today, Chocolate Treats, Chocolate Making
Activities for Girls, Summer workshop, Chocolate, Handmade,
Chocolate Making, Things to do with the kids, Summer activity
These were my ones 😉

Handmade Chocolate
We moved over to the counter where Gemma was wrapping up the strawberries and marshmallows. These looked ace, she popped them into a little flower pot then wrapped them in cellophane.

She then popped the lollies into a bag and sealed them.

Chocolate Lolly, Fab Lolly, Mother and Daughter day, Chocolate Making, Chocolate Workshop
We bagged up all of our treats into our bags we decorated.

Chocolate making, Summer fun for kids
Mummy and daughter day, chocolate making
If you have children aged between 5 – 10 definitely take a look and see if you can book in. There was a little boy there too who loved it as much as the girls. Freya has asked to go again so we’re going to see if we can do one of Gemma’s drop in classes.

This year we’re documenting all of the activities we do so be sure to take a look through our blog for more ideas of things to do!

With love

Meet Your Photographer

Meet Your Photographer…
Hi and welcome to those of you who haven’t yet met me. To all my wonderful clients whom I’ve had the pleasure of photographing thank you all.

I’m Ashleigh, tea drinker, loud laugher, mum of two, owner of Ashleigh Shea Photography & all round crazy gal 😉 Ok so I’m not crazy as in mentally challenged but am a little loud and a rather happy kinda person.

This past April I ran a challenge, if you will, on Instagram entitled ‘Meet Your Photographer’ & I had sworn I was going to do a blog post to round up each week… Alas I didn’t do as I had sworn to myself I would but I did see the challenge through to the end.

Instagram, meet your photographer, newborn, cake smash, ashleigh shea photography

If you’d like to take a look at the posts, take a little scroll through my Instagram @AshleighSheaPhotography until you see the image of me & start from there 🙂
If you’re a photographer & you’d like to join in next time pop me a message & I’ll add you to our Facebook group.

Meet Your Photographer got a fantastic response from clients as they felt it helped them get to know me a little more. Not only did my clients enjoy it, fellow photographers that took part enjoyed it also. Their clients liked getting to know them via their little grid that is Instagram.

Many asked/commented whilst I was doing the challenge that I should be a blogger, thus making me realise that I have not utilised this platform to its fullest at all. So yet again I am professing that I will begin blogging but this time I’m not going to just do work related posts. We, that is to say I, will be sharing activities we do as a family, reviews on movies that we see and places we visit. We will give you our true opinion and where we can hopefully some discounts too. Thats not to say that this will completely become about us.

Work things will still be shared and I’m going to kick that off with this amazing video that the fabulous Sian of Truly Madly Films made for me at the beginning of the year. Sian captured all the best moments from two of my most popular sessions, newborn and cake smash.

Our little cake smasher on the day was literally the best little smasher we could have asked for, watch the video and see for yourself!!

We will be doing ‘Meet Your Photographer’ again in April so thats something to look out for 😉

See you soon lovelies,

With Love

Camp Bestival 2018 – Ashleigh Shea Photography

Happy Summer everyone! This year we decided to venture out and take the girls to their first festival. We went with Camp Bestival on recommendation from friends that have been a few times previously. Firstly take the advice from those in the Facebook group you get added to that tell you to do a test run of packing up the car because on the morning of its eventful to say the least 😉 lol!

We travelled down to Dorset the day before the festival started, as many do. This meant that we were all set up and could enter the arena on Friday morning without any rushing about. The first night they put on some entertainment but as there was 16 of us in attendance we all just hung out by our tents and had a BBQ. The kids loved it because they could all just run around, in the teenager’s case sit and chill.

Camp Bestival, Ludlow Castle, Ashleigh Shea Photography

Friday morning came with some sunshine and a bit of wind. It was a great day and we spent the majority of it familiarising ourselves with the Camp Bestival arena. On reflection we should have chosen a spot to plot up for the day. Then explored as we felt like it, as the kids got rather bored of walking around and not really doing much. Friday wasn’t the best line up on the stages for the kids, the kids between us ranged from 1 -13 years. If you’re going to a festival and your kids like current artists/you tubers be sure to check the line up prior to booking. As if they are like ours they will either moan a bit or want to go on all the things that cost money!

Camp Bestival, Festival Kids, Family Festival, Neon Make Up, Ashleigh Shea Photography

The best find on Friday was the Pirate Ship Sandpit & the Science tent. Our younger kids loved the sand pit and spent a good hour if not more in there. The older boys headed over to the science tent and made some boom cups… I think! I didn’t go in with them but they liked what they made. They had an uphill bicycle challenge that they took part in too, so if you have boys aged from 6 – 12 the science tent is a must.

Pirate Ship, Sandpit, Sand, Camp Bestival, Bunting, Family Fun, Ashleigh Shea Photography
Teenager, Teenage Girl, Sequin Top, ASOS, Pirate Ship, Sandpit, Camp Bestival 2018, Ashleigh Shea Photography

For Freya the best part was the LOL doll tent, to say she was in her glory is an understatement! Upon entering they showed you to a table that had colouring in pages and a list for you to find out what your LOL Doll name was. Freya’s was Unicorn Bee & when playing later with the girls they were all using their names from the tent.

LOL Surprise, LOL, LOL Doll, LOL Surprise Doll, Neon Make Up, Camp Bestival 2018, LOL Doll Tent, Girl, Ashleigh Shea Photography
They had a ball pit where they had to get in and find the golden ball to win a prize. They all got the same prize which was a magazine but she was so proud of herself for winning that I don’t think she really noticed others had won the same! The girls moved over to the catwalk next where they had them strut their stuff & strike a pose for the photo booth. They then printed the images and gave them each one, the guys were great as they also let the girls take a picture altogether and gave them a print each which went down so well. Freya still says the LOL Doll tent was her favourite part. You could also have your hair styled and glitter make up applied but the queue for that was big so the girls gave it a miss.

Colouring Sheet, LOL, LOL Doll, Neon Make Up, Festival Kids, LOL Surprise, Camp Bestival 2018, Ashleigh Shea Photography

There are ample tents offering free glitter make up or face paint so there’s no need to worry about taking your own. Each vendor that offered it were happy to do adults too, at some you had to queue for a while but others, like the one we stumbled across, you were seen straight away as not many knew about it.

Mermaid Glitter Bar, Girl Talk, Camp Bestival 2018, SeaShell, Girl Talk Magazine, Ashleigh Shea Photography
All three girls had their glitter done at the mermaid glitter bar, run by Girl Talk Magazine. The artist was fab & done mine too 😉 Can’t not have a bit of glitter! They had the best deal on things to purchase too, it was a goody bag for £5 which came with two magazines, a brush, perfume, face gems, bath sponge, keyring & much more. That was the most worth while £5 we spent I think.

Glitter Make Up, Sequins, Glitter, Purple, Blue Green, Camp Bestival 2018, Girl Talk Magazine, Ashleigh Shea PhotographySparkly Eyes, Glitter Make Up, Family Festival, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Mermaid Glitter Bar, Camp Bestival 2018

Saturday was a much better day for all the kids, the girls got to see the YouTube sensation, so they tell me, that is HRVY. They all loved him, it would have been nice for him to do a meet and greet too like the duo that are Max and Harvey. These boys are also YouTube sensations but they were in my opinion far better as they made that bit more effort to meet their fans. Which goes a long way in the eyes of teenage girls! Needless to say meeting them was one of the highlights of Leah’s time at the festival.

Festival Kids, Camp Bestival 2018, Giant Rainbow, Rainbow, Family Festival, Ashleigh Shea Photography

As we knew our way round a bit more Saturday we spent some time playing giant Jenga, giant snakes and ladders and the kids joined in with the skipping that randomly appeared as we were walking around. We headed back to the tents for dinner and coats, wellies & other warm attire before heading back into the arena that evening for the headlining act, Clean Bandit. To say the kids came alive is a massive understatement!! As they all know their music they were all, including the boys, singing and dancing with wild abandon like there was no one else around.

Family, Father and Son, Mermaid Jacket, Camp Bestival, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Festival Kids
My brother and one of our friends led the biggest of the kids down to the front so that they could truly experience being in the centre of a festival crowd. They came back buzzing about how close they got and how good it was ‘down there’, by which they meant how much more alive the atmosphere was.

Dingly Dell, Camp Bestival 2018, Tween Boy, Festival, Kids Festival, Ashleigh Shea Photography

We got stopped in our tracks on our walk back through towards the camp site by the Bollywood tent where they had an amazing selection of Raindance DJs. Each and everyone of us adults stopped and soaked it up, the kids were tired but weren’t too fussed about stopping as they all laid out on the beds around us. Saturday night was without a doubt the best evening of the festival which is solely because the music was so great.

Gin Lover, Gin, Mother and Daughter, River Island Dress, Camp Bestival 2018, Ashleigh Shea Photography

It would have been even better if they hadn’t have put Sara Cox’s 80s set on at the same time as HRVY, this meant that we as parents at a family festival would miss one of the only sets we were most looking forward to. Fortunately for us we caught the last 10 minutes but would have much preferred to have been able to enjoy her entire set.

Our weekend ended unfortunately as the weather just wasn’t on our side. With winds gusting at 50mph the organisers had no option but to cancel the Sunday. We were all absolutely gutted, especially as we had endured the weather all the way until I think 2:30pm when the official announcement was made. It would have been much more prudent to cancel earlier on so that people weren’t kept waiting so long with young children.

Even with Sunday being cancelled we all still had a great weekend. We won’t be booking for 2019 unless the line up is significantly better than this year, we’re currently leaning more towards Latitude as they seem to have much more age specific things going on that will keep each of the age ranges happy and entertained. If you have been to Latitude or another family festival and have kids between 7 – 14 let me know what you thought of it!

Check back next week for the Camp Bestival lowdown as experienced by Freya, aged 7 😉

With Love

Smash and Splash First Birthday Fun!

Your little one is getting ready to celebrate their first birthday, do it in style with some Smash and Splash First Birthday Fun!

Cake smashes are a great way to commemorate their first birthday. Each cake smash booked with us  is bespoke and specifically designed to your specifications. We try as hard as we can to create something original for each session. If there is cake smash set that we have done previously that you love then we will recreate it for you with a few differences thrown in.

Our cakes are specially made for us by the amazing Tiers and Teacups, we can cater for most any allergy too. Many people think oh what an awful waste of cake but its truly not as most of the time there’s so much left parents take it home to have with a cup of tea! Once you have given me the brief of what you would like for your little ones cake smash I pop it over to Lucianna {of Tiers and Teacups} & she creates her magic! If you’re looking for a cake for a special occasion be sure to check her out.

tiers and teacups, cake smash, smash and splash, 1st birthday idea, chislehurst, cake,

Once all the smashing is done its splashing time!! This is most little ones most favourite part of the smash as we literally let them splash until their hearts content, we’ve been wet a fair few times too. We have a selection of tubs for you to choose from, our most popular is definitely the little roll top, claw footed style one. It suits both boys and girls and makes for some amazing pictures.

bath time, splash, smash and splash, first birthday celebration, embroidery hoop, flower hoops, roll top bath

This  Cake Smash was designed by myself for the filming of my promo video & this little miss did not disappoint, just watch what she does!! Do you think your little one would do the same?

Cake Smash 2018

This has got to be the only way to eat cake, let’s see a show of hands if you agree!!Filming by : Truly Madly Films Cake by : @Tiers and Teacups Styled by : Moi 😉 Ashleigh Shea PhotographyBeautiful baby made by : Lizzie Sheehan 😉

Posted by Ashleigh Shea Photography on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

If you would like to book your little one a Cake Smash session pop us an email we’d love to hear your plans for their birthday and plan their smash with you.

With Love

Enchanted Fairy Photo Session

This year we are going to be doing some special & magical mini sessions.
The first being our Enchanted Fairy Photo Session.
These are perfect for all little & big fairy fans alike & are going to be so much fun! They are not to be missed.

Enchanted Fairy, Toadstool, Fairy, Lilac, Flowers, Ashleigh shea Photography, Bromley
My daughter had an inset day from school so we had some fun in the studio turning her into a fairy. We have had so much interest in these that we have decided to offer them as one of our special mini sessions for this year. When you come into the studio for these sessions it won’t look nothing like the final result you see here, the magic is all created in post. You & your little ones will be able to choose the outfits they would like to wear, we will do a various different poses so we have a base to create their magical images.

Fairy, Dollcake Dress, Flowers, Pond, Log, Forest Fairy, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Chislehurst
We will invite you all back to the studio a week later to view your images & see what magic has been created. No two sessions will be the same, each of these sessions is completely unique. Our Enchanted Fairy Sessions will be £45 each with additional children added at £15 each. We have a  special price for our launch weekend, this price will only be available this once so be quick if you’d like one of these sessions at a great price.

Little Tinkerbell, Fairy, Strong girl, Toadstool, fairy, London, Ashleigh Shea Photography
We are starting these sessions March 3rd, they will be £25 for the first child & £10 each additional child. Not only are we doing a special on the session fee but we are also giving 10% off all orders too. We are so excited for these sessions and know that they are going to be loved by all.
The range of products we have chosen to go alongside these are absolutely stunning. Our favourite is our bubbles, they are on the way as I type & we will be sharing with you just as soon as it arrives.
To book your slot click here & fill in our contact form & we will send you times available.

We look forward to seeing all you beautiful fairies.
With Love Ash.x


Planning the Ultimate Sleepover Party

Planning the Ultimate Sleepover Party would fill most with dread in fact planning any type of kids party does fill most with dread but I truly LOVE them! Yep you read that correctly I love kids parties. My other half always says ‘the girls don’t need one for every year babe’ which is true of course but they love them & so do I so why not I say!
You’re probably thinking that must cost a fortune & while it costs it doesn’t cost as much as you’d think. As a rather creative & crafty person, that is also a little crazy at times, I’m able to do our parties rather budget friendly. This post is going to share with you what has been our best (according to my daughter) Sleepover Party yet & we have had a few, welcome to our guide for Planning the Ultimate Sleepover Party.
My daughters birthday is in May & she starts planning pretty much after Christmas, changes her mind a fair few times along the way too but this particular year she didn’t. She had asked for a sleepover & photoshoot party the following day, so our planning began.
She started by inviting her friends that she knew would take part in every aspect of the party, she knew I wouldn’t let any sit in the wings & not take part! I started by enlisting the help of one of my best friends & asking my other half to go fishing for the night! I mean 7 pre-teen girls both of those things had to be done 😉
Leah had chose her theme of glitter festival looks for her photo party so we bought bright pink & gold sparkly invites & added glitter into each envelope for added sparkle. She popped a note into each invite requesting the girls brought along a festival styled outfit, a plain black or white top with jeans for the photo session & of course their pjs for the sleepover.
For the sleepover she wanted to make pizza’s, we had just mastered making pizza dough from scratch so she wanted to make them for/with her friends, and have some karaoke fun. We don’t own a karaoke but Leah’s friend does so she brought it along with her for the night. Other than those two specifics she was open to ideas, being the sleepover queen (lol, yep claiming that!) that I am I got planning with my besties & had some fun up our sleeves ready for the night.
As you can see so far this part has cost nothing, the most cost went into the food & treats. Being a Cake Smash photographer I had all the decorations needed in the studio. So I hit up Tesco for pizza toppings, the Poundshop & Home Bargains for the rest of the things needed. If you’re not a fan of sweets at a party then look away now….
sleepover party, 12 birthday, girls party, sweet table, unicorn cake,
We bought, strawberry laces, squishes, giant strawberries, chocolate buttons, rainbow drops, poppets mint & toffee, rainbow straws (I think thats what they’re called!), jelly babies, marshmallows, jazzies, teeth & pringles all of which would have cost around £10/12 if that, that is the beauty of home bargains! All the jars & bowls are just bits from our kitchen or my studio, saving us even more money!
I bought a couple of tubes of glow sticks as I had planned a glow in the dark disco for the girls, these were just £1 a tube in the poundshop & there was enough for each of them to have at least two each.
As you can see the party itself in terms of money was pretty inexpensive.
Prior to her guests arriving Leah put up the blow up bed in the bedroom & got all the pillows & quilts our so it was ready to go. Once the girls had all arrived we got our pizza making under way. Its amazing how much every age loves to create their own pizza, the girls were no exception to that! Whilst the pizza’s were cooking the girls done a mass rendition of ‘the cup song’ which was pretty entertaining especially as I have no rhythm at all & couldn’t do it if I tried lol!

After pizza’s the girls got into their pjs  plugged in the karaoke & I’m pretty sure made my poor neighbours require earplugs 😉 lol. While the girls were entertaining themselves we cleared away the pizza making mess & set up the sweet table. We had a quick sing of happy birthday ( Leah’s unicorn cake was made by the amazing Lucianna of Tiers and Teacups) & then we got our games underway.

We split into teams to battle it out Pitch Perfect style, played countless games of charades & the phone version of headbands where we were guessing everything from disney characters to food items! We ‘big’ girls took a break from the festivities & excused ourselves leaving the girls playing twister. I brought out the glow sticks ready to go nuts in the dark for our glow in the dark disco, the boomerang app was used an awful lot during the glow in the dark disco fun! The girls then moved on to glow in the dark twister which is definitely a challenge with just the light from loads of glow sticks!!
{Can’t find glowstick disco pictures!! Will share when I do!}

As the girls moved upstairs to watch movies or tell horror stories we set up the table for a pancake breakfast before our photo shoot. We gifted the girls a mason jar each with their name in glitter, these were just 2 for £1.50 from home bargains so a complete steal! I glittered their names on myself using dishwasher safe modpodge. They were the perfect alternative to a party bag.

Each of the girls went home tired & sparkly (from our shoot) one even lost her voice, I think that is the sign of a good time!
Until next time xoxo.


The Big City | London Family Photo Sessions

This year we are venturing outside, not just to any old place though, we are off to The Big City… London!
We will be doing family sessions, child sessions & styled shoots with the beautiful backdrop that is London Town.

These shoots are going to take place all year round but will be limited to specific weekends, get your interest in early! To check out some spots for these sessions I headed over with my friend & awesome Scottish photographer Rachael of Beautiful Bairns who was down visiting for a few days. We got ourselves some of the cutest kids ever & got location scouting.

This little guy had never really had professional photographs taken but thats what I wanted kids with lots of personality so I could capture them as their true selfs.

Look at that cheeky little grin he’s giving his daddy who was standing to my right watching his little dude completely rock his session!

Is he not the coolest looking little lad you’ve ever seen….

London, boy, photo session, family pictures
Cool Boy, The Big City, London, Child Photos
Cheeky Boy, London, Tower Bridge, Curly Hair
Beautiful Boy, Converse, Cute Kids, London, Rain
Tower Bridge, Boy, London
Would you just look at this gorgeous little face & big personality beaming through, kids definitely have something right in how amazing they see every moment.. maybe we should as adults grow younger & not older to get some of that joyful silliness back from time to time!

Fun, Laugh, Tower Bridge, Little Boy
Fountain, Laughter, London, Tower Bridge, Boy
Boy, Fun, Tower Bridge, City Hall
Smile, Cool Kid, London, Tower Bridge, Family Photos
Here’s what this awesome little dudes mum said in her review about his session;

This was the first time Stanley had had any pictures taken professionally so we were a little unsure of how it would go (he can be quite shy!) but we needn’t have worried as Ashleigh made Stanley feel so relaxed and at ease because the shoot was fun. He had a blast and was fully engaged in the process. The results show this and rather than ‘posed’ forced smiles Ashleigh has captured his cheeky character perfectly, and even on a miserable grey day in London, the pictures are beautiful x Thankyou Ashleigh, and would highly recommend you to anyone thinking of getting some nice shots done of their little ones x

I bet your sat thinking ‘oh I might book one when the weather warms up’ if I’m right & you are let me tell you that this was a grey & chilly January afternoon! Yep one of the coldest months of the year but as he had lots of layers on we were good & popped his coat on & off as & when he wanted to!

These Big City sessions are going to be so much fun if you’d like to be informed when they go live please fill in our contact form here, I can’t wait to meet you & capture your amazing families portraits in our amazing city!

With Love,





Twin Newborn Session | Bromley, Kent

These beautiful babies came in for their newborn session before Christmas. It has been ages since I’ve had a twin newborn session & I loved having two babies in the studio again.
They were so good for me, we were done in 2 hours I think! One of the amazing things about twin shoots is that they settle each other as they love to snuggle up together!

brother and sister, twin baby, twin newborn session, newborn photos, twins, twin pictures, baby twin pictures, orpington, chislehursjt
I have sooooo many favourites from their session & some GORGEOUS individual shots too but as we see so many individual babies I thought I’d share only ones of them together.

Grey, White, boy, girl, twin newborn, twin newborn session, baby twins, ashleigh shea photography, twins. newborn
Look at that little hand under her chin she is totally the sweetest little thing.

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A brother is your protector, your first friend & has a love like no other.

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A sister will listen to your problems, will help you solve them, be your biggest secret keeper & will love you fiercely.

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I’m sure you’ll agree that this is an absolutely stunning family.

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Twin newborn sessions are one of the most amazing sessions to do as a photographer. Being entrusted with not just one baby but two is a complete honour, thank you both for bringing your beautiful babies along for me to photograph for you.

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How beautiful are these babies & their parents?! Are you a twin mum or dad? Did you have a twin newborn session? What would be the one top tip you could give to others awaiting the arrival of their twins? Post your tips in the comments, I look forward to reading them!

If you’re having twins or indeed multiples & want to see some real honest views of parenting multiples head over to My Little Wildlings & check out Zoe’s feed.

With Love,